Introducing Sait 3ZH and Starcke 562JFF

Unisand is pleased to announce the following new products the Sait 3Zh and Starcke 562JFF. These new belts are offered in a wide variety of grits and provide benefits for multiple applications such as surgical implants and stainless steel.

NEW  Starcke 562JFF

New Product Photos

Grits  – 60 thru 400
Bond – resin/resin
Coating – semi-open (with grinding aid)
Backing– Highly flexible J weight cloth
Grain – Aluminum Oxide
Benefits – grinding aids for cooler cut along with flexible backing gives you a great product for the surgical implants, instruments and any other stainless steel operation where finish is critical
Competitors – Klingspor LS312JF, Cora KF376, Deerfos KA537

NEW  Sait 3ZH

Unisand CorporationGrits – 36 thru 120
Bond – resin/resin
Coating – closed (with grinding aid)
Backing – Heavy Y weight polyester
Grain – Alumina Zirconia
Benefits – where stock removal is needed, grinding aid keeps belt cool, great in stainless steel and hi-carbon steel foundries
Competitors –Sun R203,Deerfos PZ528,VSM KK815Y