Floor Sanding

Unisand offers both discs and belts for floor sanding in a variety of sizes and materials.  Our floor sanding belts are made of heavy zirc Y-poly material (Deerfos XZ677 & PZ628).  We also supply Awuko SP40F & ST10X materials that are great for edger discs.

Grits – 24 thru 120 grit
Bond – resin/resin
Backing – heavy Y polyester
Grain – Alumina Zirconia
Benefits – heavy stock removal, tear resistant, long life

Silicon Carbide E paper & combination paper
Grits – 12,16,20 and 24 grits combination
Grits – 36 thru 120 grits – E paper
Benefits – great for edger discs, excellent finish, cost effective

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