80″ Wide Belts With One Splice

80” WIDE BELTS WITH ONE SPLICE With the installation this fall of our new Biko wide belt line capable of making belts up to 2050mm( 80”) and the exceptional Awuko products available at 2050mm [...]

New Products for Floor Sanding

XZ677 Grits – 24 thru 120 grit Bond – resin/resin Backing – heavy Y polyester Grain – Alumina Zirconia Benefits – heavy stock removal, tear resistant, long life Silicon Carbide E paper [...]

Introducing Sait 3ZH and Starcke 562JFF

Unisand is pleased to announce the following new products the Sait 3Zh and Starcke 562JFF. These new belts are offered in a wide variety of grits and provide benefits for multiple applications [...]