Wide Belts

Unisand has invested significant time and money into our wide belt department.  We consistently utilize the most current technology, equipment and quality raw materials. Our belief  has always been that without these standards you simply cannot compete.

Equipment as follows:

  •  Semi automatic wide belt cutter Biko/ BTH-AF
  •  Automatic wide belt line Biko/ CSM-05
  •  Biko 84” roller press

Raw material as follows:

  •  Woodworking:
  • – AOX ( aluminum oxide x-cloth o/c)
  • – KP52F (aluminum oxide F-paper anti-static o/c)
  • – Naxowood (silicon carbide F-paper anti-static o/c)
  • Metalworking:
  • 2AH (aluminum oxide Y-poly waterproof)
  • PZ628 (alumina zirconia Y-poly)
  • PZ528 (alumina zirconia Y-poly w/grinding aid)
  • S181 (silicon carbide Y-poly)

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