Resin Cloth PSA Discs

Unisand’s resin cloth disc department is an area where we see room for growth. From our aluminum oxide products to our zirconia products, we will have the disc for you. Listed below are the machines Unisand has invested in recently, to make sure we can keep up with your demand.

  • 2 Preco presses 24” – these presses are meant for cutting detailed shapes, discs with tabs, vacuum holes or linkrolls
  • 1 CNC Atom press 65”- this press can cut grip discs right off the jumbo and with with its programming, can nest the discs for maximum yield of raw material
  • 1- clicker press – this press is simple but priceless. We are able to cut short runs with this press, cut end cuts down etc.
  • 1-30” rotary disc cutter- with this press we can cut discs up to 30” in diameter. With your hydraulic presses cutting a disc this large is difficult

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